'40 & '41

The JA was a good outfit to work for, except they didn't pay too much wages.  I was there in '40 and '41as a cowboy with the wagon.  I grew up flanking.   I was a cow puncher.

Back then, $45 a month was about top for an ordinary hand.  If he got a little better, they might slip something under the table.  

They didn't work you hard.  I'll guarantee you.  You got up before daylight and ate & we worked every morning.  But there were a lot of evenings I left and slept all evening.  You would get lazy when you worked for them.  You'd get to thinking you had to sleep every day.

In the wintertime I had to help feed cows.   The man at the Davis placed died the first fall and they got some new people in.  They sent me down there to show them the country.  As soon as they got to where they could handle it, they sent me to the Hickman Place.  It was up the river four miles above Antelope Flats.

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