Growing Season Losses Due to Cloud Seeding!


Rainfall % in April-Sept period 12 year
Ama  Pampa Shamrock Clarendon
Seeded 65.81% 65.99% 62.14% 65.71% 2000-2011
UnSeeded 76.93% 76.11% 73.72% 74.55% 1988-1999
% change 16.9% 15.3% 18.6% 13.5% 16.1%

A drop of 13-18.6% in the percent of the year's rainfall that happened in the growing season since seeding started.   Seeding is only in the growing season!


It was asked if 2011 distorted this data.    The data shows that even without 2011, seeding diminished the rainfall during the growing season.

Rainfall % in April-Sept period
Ama  Pampa Shamrock Clarendon
Seeded 66.49% 66.90% 63.41% 65.71% 11 year average
UnSeeded 76.93% 76.11% 73.72% 74.55% 2000-2010
% change 15.7% 13.8% 16.3% 13.5% 1988-1999


Rain makers at PGCD concentrated on Oklahoma City not being a good comparison.   They could not debate the data that for 12 years something has cost the district rain during the growing season and these are the 12 years PGCD has been trying to make rain.   Their expert addmitted that seeding decreases the severity of the rain.  He says it spreads the rain over a larger area.    This means there are fewer big rains and if there is a benefit from the seeding, some of it goest to an area outside of the small district!

What caused this loss during the growing season?   Follow this link

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