JA Reunion 2001

Betty Cagle Photo

JA reunions have been going on for years, but in 2001, it was expanded to a two day event.   Horse events were held on Friday night at the Clarendon arena, with 16 teams participating.   Saturday, the lunch, games and dance were held at the JA headquarters.   All events were open to anyone with a JA connection (friend, relative or once met someone).

Betty Cagle Photo

Fish Wilson, Argie Hess, Charlene Ferranti and Don Ransom, neighbor to the west who purchased land in the '30's from the JA.

Special mention: Fish Wilson, who is 93, has won the oldest participant for years.   Argie Hess was the oldest lady at 90.   Shad Gray from New York came the farthest.

Amy Auker, Angie Hollowell and Branda Whitley register guests. Fantastic prizes.     photos by Monie Berry

Sorting and Doctoring:  Sixteen teams participated Friday night at the Clarendon Rodeo Arena.   Nick Aucker (camper on the Mulberry lease), Willie McCleskey (Swamp cowboy riding A Budha Attitude) and Ricky Clark won cattle Doctoring and overall.     Rhett, Billy and Brent Cauble won the cattle sorting.   

Monie Berry photo

Rhett, Brent and Billy Cauble prepare to win the sorting.   Rhett was riding Smokey, Brent was riding Pop-a-Top and Billy was riding Cockroach

Ninia admires an 1893 Winchester Jack Moreman found with JA Ranch engraved on the stock and imprinted on the metal.    Photos by Betty Cagel.

Barrel Racing and Rescue Races:  Events were too close to call, but every child won a JA T-shirt due to spectacular performance.

Betty Cagle Photo

Saturday lunch was at the chuck wagon with Steve Lewis cooking the barbecue and everyone else bringing a side dish.   There were no awards, but the home made apple pie was fantastic.

Betty Cagle Photo

Don Ransom with Ninia Ritchie near the fly.           

Horseshoes:    Monie Berry (Rhett's mom) and Susie Cauble wiped out veteran horseshoe pitchers from across the country.   In the finals, they beat Billy Hollowell and a ringer Billy brought in from upstate New York.

Monie Berry

Dummy roping: A clean sweep by JA families with Weston Hollowell won the age 1-5 group, Oscar Auker won the 6-9 group, and Brett Cauble won the 10-13 group.   Off ranch kids will need to practice for these events to beat the JA crew.

Dummy roping champ Weston Hollowell works the crowd. Colt Stevenson helps with the music.

Next stop Nashville.

Jason Anderson hustles his dad, John at pool

Monie Berry Photos


The JA band: Rhett Cauble on guitar and accordion, Randal Gates on drums, Red Berry on guitar and Glen Spiller on fiddle played and everyone danced.  

Cleanup:  Ninia Ritchie and Susie O'Brien performed admirably, even when Jay O'Brien again proved his manual dexterity by spilling the beans (after throwing two horseshoes over the wall.

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