Martinez Ranch

The Martinez Ranch is a beautiful, productive ranch put together by Henry Martinez, a noted heart surgeon.    It is just south of McLean and is on the north and West of McLean Feedyard.   Dr. Martinez ran the ranch with a registered herd of Beefmaster cows until his death.   The ranch is presently run by Hag Farm in conjunction with The Swamp.

Photos by Burt Rutherford of BEEF Magazine.

Whether it be the native pasture or the fields of old world bluestem, the rolling plains are at their best at the Martinez.
Traffic stops as cattle cross the highway to McLean Feedyard. Dale Smith and Gary Lewis watch as the Martinez cattle load on the scales.
Cattle are taken down the feed alley at the scenic McLean Feedyard. Damon Shipp (above) and Gary Lewis (below) bring cattle from the bluestem

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