Branding at the Seewald Ranch


Hughes Seewalde served in the Calvary and never got over it or his love of Morgan Horses.  
Seen here with Goody and Butch Collard, Buddy Seewald was known as one of the best campfire cooks in the Panhandle.   At Section 8, he cooked exclusively with a wood stove.
Hughes (Buddy) built his own wagons and kept well trained teams throughout his life  
When Buddy put together a ranch, he purposefully put it's headquarters on Section 8.   A charter member of the Rover Boys Marching and Chowder Society, Section 8 had a special meaning to him. Here, current owners of the Seewald, Nancy Seewald and Jake McKinney are seen on Section 8.
Jake McKinney  

Hughes (Buddy) Seewald put together the Seewald Ranch north of Amarillo in the 1950's and '60's.   Today, it is run by his daughter Nancy in partnership with Corsino Cattle Company.



Alibates Flint Quarry is not the only source of flint in Panhandle.

Roger Williams is foreman of the Seewald Ranch.



Randal Gates reaches high to trap.


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