2006--A Management Year

Hunters reported a good year; however, antler size was down 10-15% due to the 2006 drought.   Greg Almond wrote, "Two bucks, (we named “Thunder” and “Lightning” went down in mass and tine length.  Since they were approximately 6 years old, we put them off limits and choose to gamble that we would receive a good rain this year and allow their superior genetics to spread through another hunting season."

Joel Bedgood with his 160" 11 point buck. Kayla and David Smith with her nice 8 point buck.
Carley Almond with her 9 year old 7 point. Cleo Almonds first deer.
Riley Wyrick and Carley Almond glassing in Parks Creek. David Bedgood's mature 8 point.
RileyBuck ShawnDavis
Riley Wyrick's big 8 point scored 145!   To the left is David Bedgood. Henley, Sam and Shawn Davis with their doe.   Henley's smile is over 200 points.

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