West Texas A&M Horse Class

Both the Swamp and the JA send fillies each year to WT A&M t be used in class work under the direction of Rebekah Bachman and John Pipkin.    The fillies return to the ranches in great shape and very gentle.  

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Michelle Lassiter works with Kinich Yay's feet and Brian Dundon with Yoaat Balam.

Ashley Greer does the necessary ground work on her JA filly.

Tayla Dunn in foreground and Kelly Carr in background with two JA fillies.

Zach Barrett and Ruler Fifteen.

Tanya Welsh with Red Jolly Rancher filly JA Rancher's Joy.

Garland Kingin with a JA filly and Ashley Greer with Fire Drinking


If you are wondering about the names of the Swamp fillies, all horses raised at the Swamp are named after Mayan royalty.


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