Aoudad in the Palo Duro 

Todd Petis harvested this nice 32 in 2010.  

Hunting Aoudad is really hunting.   These elusive creatures can disappear down a canyon wall so steep that you are convinced they fell to their death.     At one moment, you see a heard of fifty and the next there is no trace. Aoudad hunting is year around.   At the JA, we exclude only mule deer season.     E-mail us for hunting opportunities.

2014 harvest  
Kevin Weaver's 29" 2014 harvest  
Tara and Brent Cunningham experienced the Palo Duro in its majesty.  


Tay Flanagan and her New Year aoudad.

Kurt Williams harvested this 25" aoudad in '06

The only problem with this aoudad was that it was mid summer and 100 degrees.
Tim Chism's aoudad
Forrest Reeder harvested this incredible aoudad in Summerfield Pasture.   His RLgth was 34 6/8 & LLgth was 34 3/8 with a total score of 122 1/8-6th in Records of Exotics 2004 (p107).

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