Texas Gin

At two years old, Rhett was asking Texas Gin to work cattle in rough pastures and was never disappointed.  


Tanquery Gin

Doc O'Lena
    Gin Echols

Tip Some Gin


Whatatip San Tip

Bar S Texas Gin '02 model


Colonel Fancy Bar

Colonel Leo Bar

Cardinal's Fancy

Colonels Poco Miss


Miss Creamie Bar

Silky's Colonel

Poco Creamie


Tip Some Gin was bred to a great mare of Ken Stielow's and that mare had a good looking buckskin colt when back for breeding in 2002.   Ninia decided in 2004 that she had to have that colt for her personal riding horse and we traded with Ken for it.   Once we saw the colt, we decided to keep him as a stud and see what type of horse he made.   He started making an incredible horse, but, like his father, got hung up in a fence and we lost him.



JA's great stud:  Stylish 2000, TRR Iron Leo, Good Waltzin' Jones


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