The fat order buyer stepped out of his truck

And cussed as he slipped on a rock.

He said, “Jay O’Brien’s office sent me out here,

To look at some good JA stock.”


Billy said, “We’ll try to show you some cows.

But we’ll have to ride all the way.

Your Chevy won’t make it, it takes 4-wheel drive,

We ain’t got one working today.


Carroll Jack’s truck’s at the body repair,

Powder’s down with a flat,

Frederick don’t have one and mine’s at the school,

It’s easy to see where we’re at.”


So Billy to Powder to jingle the horses

And Carroll Jack fell in behind.

They saddled a big sorrel horse for the buyer,

The cold-jawed and rough trottin’ kind.


They rode out of headquarters through the horse trap

And hit a long trot down the road.

The sorrel’s side-steppin’ all over the place

He can’t quite get used to the load.


He kept askin’ Billy, “Son, where are the cows?”

Billy said, “Right over there.”

He can’t see a thing but mesquite brush and cedar,

No sign of a critter with hair.


He kept askin’ questions ‘bout breedin’ and such.

“What bulls do you use on your cows?”

He tried to ask Powder but Powder just grinned,

‘Cause Powder was thinkin’ ‘bout sows.


Powder’s a feller you’d trust in a pinch.

He’s partial to horses and dogs.

Powder’s a cowboy, a bronc-ridin’ fool

But Powder sure likes to trap hogs.

He turned to ask Freddie about weanin’ weights.

But Freddie don’t know ‘bout that stuff.

Freddie just answered the buyer in Swedish

That Freddie sure knows how to bluff.


See, Freddie’s from Sweden, a young buckaroo,

Who longed for a home in the west.

When he gets here he can’t even saddle a horse

Now Freddie can ride with the best.


He asked Carroll Jack ‘bout the crosses they use.

“I reckon we’ve crossed up a few,

Some white ones on red ones and yellers on grays,

We got a black baldy or two.”


They crossed Campbell Creek and they ain’t seen a cow.

The brush is so thick you can’t see.

Powder rode off, said he thought he smelled hogs

Over there where his traps ought to be.


Out there in the brush all they saw was some tails

And some hides goin’ over the hill.

Lots of deep tracks as they rode through the sand

They ain’t seen a cow standin’ still.


Billy and Carroll Jack thought they saw one.

They spurred up and took down their twine.

He heard Billy yell as they both disappeared,

“Take the red one, the baldy is mine.”


With Billy and Carroll Jack crashing through the brush

The buyer was left with the Swede

Who said, “Mister, I’ll tell you the name of them cows




Andrew Bivins, Red Steagall, Buck Reams by the campfire with the wagon.

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