Branding on JA 2005 with Red

Branding with Red on the Ja brings folks back to the JA.   Rhett Cauble visits with Billy Hollowell, Chris Morton, Bruce Greene, Scott Williams and Randal Gates. Rhett Cauble plays the mandolin, accompanied by Dick DeGerrin and Buck Reams while Red Steagall and Haley Hollowell look on. 
Bronc Horn helps gather wood.  In background are the Hollowells and Julie Gates.  Bronc roped calves and wasn't about to carry wood when he could drag it.

Clara Smith gives up.

Ed Younts, Dick DeGerrin, Caroline Dulle and Dale Smith relax before Buck's great dinner.

Read "Vanishing Breed" by Red Steagall. See 2004 crew or 2003 crew